Voice of Indigenous Peoples

The project’s main, full-time Regional Youth FLOHcilitator; Marcie Pruden, has had extensive opportunities to learn from Indigenous elders and peers throughout the Fraser-Salish region, BC and nationally. She has seen how Indigenous knowledge and teachings can be woven into the way that programs that involve youth play out— especially when it comes to acknowledging and supporting each person’s gifts to flourish and be offered a place and role. She has built into the project the acknowledgement that our circle of work (like the medicine wheel) will be incomplete or unbalanced without engaging the whole community: children, young people, adults and elders. Over a third of other engaged young people have Indigenous heritage and various levels of knowledge about, engagement with, and connection to their own and/or local Indigenous communities and peoples and practices. Three of the five youth leads on the project are Indigenous, and four of the five youth leads have direct experience with the foster system.