Strengths Based Approach

Strength-based approaches can vary significantly—sometimes rolling out through such activities as supporting a person to list and acknowledge their strengths, or helping a person to identify strengths they have that might help them with a current personal challenge. In FLOH, we are trying to take this approach further. Most people learn about their strengths and stretch into new capabilities because someone takes a chance on them… trusts them with something they may not have done before, but which they feel they might be ready to try. This learning and stretching and growing, one could argue, will be best facilitated if something meaningful is at stake. As a youth-led and adult-supported project, the FLOH youth have indicated they want their program to constantly provide opportunities for them and other youth (and adults too, for that matter) to find their growing edges and stretch themselves further. FLOH is not just meant to be a strength-based program, but—perhaps more-profoundly—a program based on its participant’s strengths.